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Our story


For three generations, our family has been working

in leather goods so that you can

wear whatever leather you like.

Our works have been very successful, we are very grateful and proud to have you by our side.

We decided in 2015 to extend our range

beyond leather goods, in order to enter the clothing industry and accompany you in all your styles.

Luxury, sportswear and our latest ambition, streetwear, are now part of our collection. Always in search of a look that is both elegant and luxurious, our clothes knew how to please you from the beginning of this adventure.

However, our story has

still no name,

it was time to give him one!


a feeling, a name, an identity

and finally a brand

which represents this pride that has united us since

over 20 years.

We have been delighted to serve you for all these years and we hope that Gloire will always meet your expectations.

With some exceptions, all Gloire products are

designed in France and produced in Italy.

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